Environmentalist, Economic and Technological
Meet the New Production System...

With a sustainable and clean recycling system, all wastes are converted into production again, and the carbon footprint is reduced below international standards, and a production model that is environmentally friendly, respectful to humans and the environment has been created. The facility that produces its own auxiliary raw materials; it also has a laboratory that works like an AR-GE base.

VATAN TARIM Facilities; It also aims to contribute to the qualified workforce by working in cooperation with professional organizations and universities, thanks to the campuses where continuous training and information will be provided to its suppliers and practitioners.

Livestock, which has been a basic food supply for many civilizations from ancient times to the present; With its high nutritional values, it has been an important tool for the civilizations it is in to come to the present day with health.

With the changing needs and developing technology, the change of food culture has led to a much more efficient use of animal husbandry in the future.

Animal husbandry, which was done amateurishly in the beginning of human history, has different faces thanks to the new technologies obtained today and finally; It has spread to many industrial areas, not just food, such as meat, milk, leather.

With VATAN TARIM's environmentally friendly production process and zero waste policy, we aim to minimize the damage to the ecosystem by reducing our carbon footprint.

Because the animal husbandry we believe in and the world we are a part of has a nature.

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